Blair Petrie - The Meaning of Love (cassette)

Blair Petrie – The Meaning of Love

GAJOOB Archive #4153

“Blair Petrie can let loose some emotional stuff when he wants too. And we wants to, here. “The Meaning of Love” serves as a sort of cycle around the various states of such. Searching and longing. Even quite powerful at times. And moving. The use of acoustic guitars is especially effective on one cut, as it serves to break up the arrangements (standard synth fare) a bit, which tend toward monotony, although Petrie is very good at carrying the focus of the proceedings with his plaintive, emotional voice.”

Bryan Baker, GAJOOB #6, 1989


This has held up well as we approach 40 years forward. The artwork, the colors feel very current. The j-card was printed digitally on a heavy matte cover stock and the black and white insert was printed on a 20lb bond paper, fourteen inches long, on one side of the sheet. I believe the cassette shell labels were printed on a gloss label stock.

Petrie’s two releases received at GAJOOB came to us from CLAS, a Vancouver music collective which sent me several artists in addition to Petrie, including Darren Copeland, EQ…Zak, Milovan Srdenovic and Uvegraf.






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