• Greige Travail – Mr. Only Has A

    GAJOOB ID #3738 This post is an example of where I think I’m headed with the whole GAJOOB DiY cassette/cdr archive in terms of developing an interactive library/museum, presenting the past art, audio, related materials and commentary along with additional follow-up, tokens and a way to creatively interact with the material in a way that […]

  • Blair Petrie – The Meaning of Love

    Blair Petrie - The Meaning of Love (cassette)

    GAJOOB Archive #4153 “Blair Petrie can let loose some emotional stuff when he wants too. And we wants to, here. “The Meaning of Love” serves as a sort of cycle around the various states of such. Searching and longing. Even quite powerful at times. And moving. The use of acoustic guitars is especially effective on […]

  • Swinebolt 45 – Jeering at Shamen

    Visit GAJOOB’s Underground Music Museum Jeering at Shamen was released by Sound of Pig (now Pogus Productions) in 1988. Swinebolt 45 was a project by Memphis recording artist rolmo whom I never had contact with, having only received his tape through tape labels like Sound of Pig, audiofile Tapes, etc. Sound of Pig cassette packaging […]